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Welcome to SAIF Facilities at NRCM
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Welcome to SAIF Facilities at NRCM

About Sophisticated Analytical Instrument Facility

ICAR – National Research Centre on Meat, Hyderabad is an Institution undertaking basic and applied research in meat science and technology. In this endeavor, Scientists of the Centre are undertaking various research projects and facility for undertaking specialized research has been established. Some of the important equipments available at the Centre are HPLC, Real time PCR, Automated DNA electrophoresis system, Digital droplet PCR, 2D Electrophoresis etc. To make wider use of the facilities available at the Centre sophisticated equipments/ facilities available are being made available to researchers from other Institutions for furthering collective research goals.

Main objective of the SAIF facilities of the Centre are:

• To provide facilities of sophisticated analytical instruments to scientists and other users from academic institutes, R&D laboratories and industries to enable them to carry out measurements for R&D work.